Few words about me

Sunita Dulal About myself, I am your Sunita Dulal now living in Kathmandu, Nepal, a student of music in Padma Kanya College, Kathmandu. I aspire being a good singer. Originally I am from Jalbire, Sindhupalchwok. I value people, experiences, places, and ideas. I am very grateful for my parents, family members and the experiences I’ve had. I love learning and continue to explore my music and TV anchoring interest. I am contented of where I live, and grateful that I have gotten to know some people here. Well, I did my school from Golden Bright Future Boarding School then Shree Anand Secondary School in Jalbire, Sindhupalchowk. I opted my further study in music from Padma Kanya Campus, Kathmandu.

My hobbies

Talking about my hobbies, its not different than yours. Yet I like to travel and explore new places. I spend time listening and singing to music especially Nepali folk. I do make some time playing harmonium. Here I have tried my best to make your visit worth. So, there are some entries, posts and music videos that you can find something of your taste. I am quite sure you will enjoy browsing through some of them. Please do not hesitate to leave your comments and sign my guest book.